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List of QuickBooks Errors

Here is a list of few recent errors encountered with QuickBooks that we can help you to fix.


1. Error: -6000, 95 when converting an Accountant's Copy transfer file

2. Error (-6000, XX) when updating a QuickBooks company file to a new version

3. Error -6000, -304: when opening a company file

4. Basic troubleshooting for -6000 series errors when opening a company file (Batch 1)

Error -6000, -107 -

5. Error -6000, -308 when trying to opening a company file

6. Basic troubleshooting for -6000 series errors when opening a company file (Batch 2)

Error -6000, -832

7. Error -6000, -83: An error occurred

8. Error: -6000, -77 when you open a file from the Open Previous Company menu

9. Error: -6000, -78 when opening any QuickBooks company file

10. Error -6000, -82 when restoring a backup file. Error: An error occurred when trying to open the file


For more help with  specific error, go to QuickBooks Support or Call us at 1844-722-6675.



Multi-user Bugs found in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2015

Present set up:


Host-hosted install:

Share: ServerNameQuickBooks




Tons of issues with multiuser. The DB supervisor of the host would drop its state direction of the business file. Workstations could not locate the host and would try to r e-config the .ND/.DSN documents in location on the server discuss. Some consumers could not connect with host using P: push--adorned mappings but could with ServerNameQuickbooks-- paths that are associated.

It subsequently would neglect to the host.

Noticed that there seems to be code within QB that occasionally uses NetBIOS-based title resolution and occasionally uses DNS.


Found the workstation would get a link to the host, I Had press on f 2 and see that it is locating the host on the Ethernet adapter. I had subsequently change to solitary-person mode and today the work station was connected to the 2nd Ethernet adapter. This could be creating the QuickBooks DB supervisor a difficulty in monitoring state. Each time, it'd upgrade the .ND/.DSN documents with the recently-found Internet Protocol address.



Disabled the 2nd Ethernet adapter on the host, re configured DNS to just use the server title to be resolved by this one adapter.

Created items to the QBW business file directly for all customers. Used double quotes to encompass trails (provided the room character in "Business Files"). Used UNC-fashion paths rather than generate letter--design.

Ran the Quickbooks DB supervisor on the host and scanned the folder.

Marked both QB-associated services on the host to automatically begin.


Rebooted the host.


Important: Also, I checked that paths were push letter-- NEARBY and established to the host instead of to the workstations.

Pressed f 2 to confirm the host's IP number is




Additionally, when working the repair device I was notified on two efforts that I ought to recover from back-up and the file was not hopeful. I could repair it as said previously and selected not to do this.


If some one gets an H202 malfunction and after that starts to "fix" the issue under Quickbooks' advice... it'll corrupt the .ND/.DSN documents with file paths which are work station-centric rather than host-centric. This then appears to confound the QB DB supervisor which then screws upstate direction for solitary- versus multiuser. The fix tool should just run in the host that file paths subsequently are host-centric.


Key words: H101, H202, solitary-person, multiuser, host, Business Options 2015, unrecoverable error, Business Files.DSN, Business Files.ND, UNC, generate mapping.



Better QuickBooks Registers


UPDATE: For helpful information regarding registers, see Support page & this QuickBooks Learn.


At this time, it’s exclusively accessible QuickBooks Labs before it goes primetime to all customers so we can collect your first comments.

Need to try it outside? Keep reading!


Measure 1: Turn on QuickBooks that is new registers


Measure 2: See a register

Click Trades ">> Graph of accounts ">> See register.


QuickBooks registers


Measure 3: Investigate the changes

QuickBooks registers

Latest trades on top


The change you’ll see immediately is that one can now see the latest trades on top. Forget about scrolling down to the page! This can be not dissimilar to email inbox or your on-line bank statement — they show the hottest things on top.

The register balance additionally shows conspicuously on top of the page so it can be seen by you at a glimpse.


Add new trade


QuickBooks registers

You can even add a fresh trade on top of the register. The trade kind is chosen by you, and QuickBooks reveals the areas that are proper. In addition, we recall the last trade kind you default to that and enter.


QuickBooks registers

Input a quantity or a reference number in the Find field. Be sure when hunting on a number to include the money symbol.


123 finds all benchmark/check numbers with 123

$300 finds all trades with sum $300


Date range filters also can be applied to your own investigation. It’s not difficult to edit those trades right.

Columns: sorting, resizing, concealing


The new variant of registers contains list improvements that are upgraded.


It's possible for you to fix the width of all the columns as well as hide selected columns including Working Equilibrium, Type/Place and Memo. The page will load quicker if working equilibrium is concealed.


It's possible for you to sort these columns: Date, Reconciliation Status, and Reference No, Kind, Payee, Payment, Deposit. Notice when you sort by anything apart from Reconciliation or Date Status, we wo’t reveal working equilibrium. That’s because the equilibrium that is working no more makes sense.


Keyboard shortcuts

Press Tab Key to move from field to field, when adding a trade in the register.


After typing anything in the filter, press Enter and it employs. This can be particularly useful for to replace “Go to Date.” and dates


Better pagination

QuickBooks registers


At the underparts of the the page, it is possible to use the Next, Previous, First and Last links. Also, it is possible to visit a particular page.

QuickBooks registers


One-line style

Click the table tools to see the register in one-line way. The columns shift centered on the register type. One-line style also offers a setting that is compact.


Running equilibrium column

Now it is possible to print the register. The printout reflects sorting or any filters you place. Printing is restricted to 1,000 trades.


Other developments


Add complete information on worker, vendor or a customer immediately from your register.

See the “last accommodated on the top right through” date.


Measure 4: Give feedback to us 

QuickBooks registers

Especially, tell us:

Does one need pagination controls on top of the table? Why?

Can you should export the register? Why?

Could it be only bank if you want quick access to registers from the house page?



Enhanced QuickBooks Reports

Strive now: QuickBooks reports that are enhanced




better QuickBooks registers.txtHow to add the invoice no. to the email title.txtHow to create an invoice with the works.txtimproved QuickBooks reports.txtNew sales form styles are rolling in.txtquickbook update.txtQuickBooks Connect Local.txtQuickBooks inventory tracking.txtQuickBooks multicurrency basics.txtQuickBooks Online release notes  inventory.txtQuickBooks Online release notes  invoices.txtquikbook bankin 2016..txtquikbook bankin 2016.txtDisplaying better QuickBooks registers.txt.Saving to Drive - Move to:


How to add the Invoice Number to the Email in QuickBooks

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QuickBooks Connect Local is the best method to get expert suggestions about finance, promotion, and hiring.

QuickBooks Connect Local program

The best way to register

See quickbookslocal.com to register!

Enrollment costs $25 and contains expert guidance from successful entrepreneurs, the keynote occasion, informative sessions, and more. And, obviously, food from local sellers. :)

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QuickBooks Connect 2016 seminar

The QB Show

The QB Show: live QuickBooks on-line chat

San Jose Convention Center, QuickBooks Connect convention

QuickBooks Connect: my day make

2014 , Oct 17

QuickBooks Dallas September 26

QuickBooks Dallas occasion Sep 26

2014 , Sep 17



The QuickBooks Online Site runs. She's also a superfan of Work, particularly the cpas. :)


Please consider coming for among your cities to the Minneapolis/St Paul region.

I will be a quickbooks user for many of the 23 years we've served the Atlanta Region. The program suggests a nearby seller will provides box lunches. Our company is Corporate. Please contact us for the box lunch needs. We might be happy to help you with your convention.

Thanks for bringing this occasion to consistently shining Seattle.

As an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, I will be certain that many small business owners in this region will value that Intuit is using local sellers for food and the coffee.

I believe they will even discover the fiscal fitness and five key lessons for the chance to to network in addition to every small business seminars useful.


Last autumn I attended the same event in Dallas. Intuit puts on A FANTASTIC show with a great mixture of company loudspeakers and QuickBooks Q&A. I run a software company using QuickBooks and I’m really joyful to see more of these occasions. I am going to be driving down to Austin in September!

Is Detroit full? I will be unable to enroll for this particular occasion.


Kelly and hi Georgia, I simply learned that Detroit, Seattle, and Austin are canceled.: (

After I Get Started Icon it brings me to Atlanta GA – or Boulder Co is the Detroit occasion sold out?


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